Who we are

The Noble Partners Institute is a non-profit based in Gainesville, Florida.

Our sister organization is Noble Partners Consulting, a for-profit management consulting firm with the purpose of building high-performing teams and healthy organizations, two leaders at a time.

Leadership profiles


T. Clark Durant
Founder and Partner

“I am a teacher, a coach, a consultant and a social scientist.

“My obsession is harnessing the power of partnership to build better teams, better organizations, and better government. I’ve spend the last fifteen years exploring this obsession.

“I did my Ph.D. in Economics at George Mason University and taught as a post-doc for three years (Behavioral Economics, Political Economy) at New York University. My focus there was designing electoral systems that would push opposing leaders to work together as partners rather than pursue a partisan agenda and/or political survival. I then spent five years at McKinsey & Company working with a mix of public and private sector clients. My focus there was learning to build better cultures, by designing systems of apprenticeship that help leaders develop – themselves and others – on the job. I left McKinsey in 2016 to start Noble Partners Consulting and the Noble Partners Institute.

“I live in Gainesville, Florida with my daughter and my son.”

Javier Estrella

Javier Estrella

“I am a facilitator, consultant, and coach with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.

“After 10 years with McKinsey & Company, I have developed expertise on the design and delivery of capability building programs for Executives, Managers, and Change Agents. Over the past 5 years, I have led over 100 client learning programs training over 2,500 individuals from multiple organizations.

“I create learning experiences where individuals can improve their skills and ‘learn by doing’ in a safe and trusting environment. Combining technical knowledge of lean principles and operational excellence with knowledge of topics such as habit formation, influencing others, and mindfulness, I seek to inspire my clients to reach for their full potential while equipping them with new skills and capabilities to advance their continuous improvement journey.

“I live in Atlanta with my wife and two daughters.”


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